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Web Browsers :
This site has been designed to view optimally with Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser and Firefox. The top web browsing software from Microsoft and Firefox are free, so ensure you are using the latest technologies by visiting their web sites. Choose a button below to link to and download either of the latest browsers.

Other Software :
Due to the several different platforms in word processing software available, we are providing all our downloadable documents in the PDF (Portable Document File) format. To make use of these documents, please ensure that you have downloaded and installed the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Click the icon below to go to Adobe's website.

To download a PDF, you can do either of the following:

  • Click a link to a PDF in your web browser. This will load the Adobe Acrobat plug-in/viewer software and display the PDF document within the web browser window. Use the save control button on the Adobe Acrobat Reader toolbar to save the open PDF document. [OR]
  • Right-Click any link to a PDF document, and choose the "Save Target As" option from the context menu that appears.