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Chief Judge Scott W. Dales Opinions

The Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Michigan offers a database of opinions for the years 1999 to Current, listed by year and judge. For a more detailed search, enter the keyword or case number in the search box above.

Chief Judge Scott W. Dales

MCL § 333.26421 et seq;  Medical Marijuana; 11 USC § 541; proceeds and property  of federal criminal activity as estate property

Allowance of fees to defend fee petition; Baker Botts LLP v. ASARCO, LLC; 11 USC § 330

Motion for Summary Judgment; standing;  assignment of  claims; damages pre and post-assignment

FRCP 26(c); FRCP 37(a); FRCP 45(d); undue burden in discovery for non-parties.

Reconsideration, FRBP 9023; Stay Pending Appeal, FRBP 8007.

credit counseling waiver; 11 USC 109(h);  appointment of guardian ad litem; durable power of attorney.

real property value; appraisals

Common Law Conversion;  Statutory Conversion; MCLA § 600.2919a; Injury to Debtor; Summary Judgment

Res Judicata;  Full Faith and Credit Statute; 28 USC § 1738;  Prima Facie Evidence of Facts Recited in Judgment; MCLA 600.2106; 11 USC § 523(a)(6); Summary Judgment