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NextGen CM/ECF Information

On Monday, November 23, 2020, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Michigan upgraded its Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) system to Next Generation CM/ECF (NextGen).

NextGen simplifies electronic filing by combining your CM/ECF and PACER accounts into a single Central Sign-On account. Through the PACER website, this single Central Sign-On account gives registered filers access to view documents in PACER and electronically file in all NextGen courts in which they have permission to file. In order to access NextGen through PACER, filers must have their own individual PACER account. E-filers will not be able to use shared PACER accounts.

If you already have an individual PACER account, the account will need to be upgraded for NextGen compatibility. Please review these Instructions on how to upgrade your PACER account.

If you do not have an individual PACER account, you will need to register for a new PACER account through PACER services.

Lastly, to access NextGen CM/ECF after the upgrade on November 23, 2020, all electronic filers who had prior filing access will need to link their CM/ECF account to their upgraded PACER account.

Please note Admin Order 2020-5 was entered to allow for an extension of time for the filing of pleadings or other papers due to ECF downtime for NextGen upgrade.


Upgrade Your Current PACER Account
Register for a New PACER Account
Link Upgraded PACER Account to CM/ECF Account
NextGen CM/ECF Help