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Notice Of Proposed Interim Procedures For Alternative Dispute Resolution

Thursday, August 13, 2015

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The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Michigan is considering the adoption, on an interim basis pursuant to LBR 9029(b), of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedures.  The court appointed a committee of practitioners to consider the issue, and the committee has proposed that the court adopt the following ADR procedures:
ADR procedures
The court seeks further public comment concerning these proposed procedures. Therefore, attorneys and other members of the public are invited to send their comments on or before September 30, 2015, by email or U.S. Mail, addressed to the Clerk of the Court at:
Daniel M. LaVille, Esq.
Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court (W.D. Mich.)
1 Division Ave N, Room 200
Grand Rapids, MI  49503